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Bow Tie Naples

This fine combination of black handkerchief and bow tie Naples is the perfect pair for a classic tux..


Bow Tie Melbourne

The bow tie Melbourne can be easily pictured on a man attending the Australian Open or a golf tourna..


Bow Tie Lucerne

The metallic aspect of the bow tie Lucerne is a very interesting piece of neckwear. The silk shin..


Bow Tie Ljubljana

This elongated, lemon yellow and floral bow tie Ljubljana is definitely something new to consider if..


Bow Tie Kyoto

For a very acceptable price you can own this bow tie Kyoto and be even more charming than before. ..


Bow Tie Kiev

This masterful bow tie Kiev is a wonderfully designed model that is very special in its details. ..


Bow Tie Helsinki

The symmetry of tis bow tie Helsinki along with its earthy myriad of colours make a very interesting..


Bow Tie Hamburg

An exemplary type of neckwear, the bow tie Hamburg is a very delicate model which should be worn wit..


Bow Tie Dubrovnik

A childish and playful personality would not have a hard time wearing this bow tie Dubrovnik. It ..


Bow Tie Charleston

A big, grand piece of neckwear, the bow tie Charleston can and should be worn by imposing, authorita..


Bow Tie Cartagena

How long are you planning on waiting to finally become the fashionable, admirable man you always kne..


Bow Tie Cape Town

What a beautiful play of colours and diagonal lines and patterns we can see on this bow tie Cape Tow..


Bow Tie Cairo

The bow tie Cairo is an extremely intricate model and represents pure class through its not so simpl..


Bow Tie Brussels

Going for a metallic look is not such a bad idea if you are tired of the regular classic outfits you..


Bow Tie Bruges

Every man should own at least one very fine bow tie that can be matched to many kinds of suits and c..


Bow Tie Auckland

Maybe you are a little different than your peers and you don’t mind that, which is great because it ..


Bow Tie Athens

The pastel yet earthy colours found on this bow tie remind one of the nostalgic fashion of the past,..


Bow Tie Amsterdam

Can there be a finer model than the bow tie Amsterdam? We think that very few pieces of neckwear ..


Why a real man can rock a bow tie ?

   Having the right and proper outfits in your closet is one thing, but owning the right accessories will take you to a whole different level. Too many men are pround of the comfort zone they find themselves in when it comes to fashion, but that is never the right thing to do. How you dress says a lot about a person, including men. Do not think that a woman does not care about how her man dresses because she does, even though she may not say so. So think twice about the decisions you make regarding your wardrobe.
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   It is a good idea to constantly be informed about trends but try to opt for a timeless look because that is what will ultimately make you stand out from the crowd. One way that will help you achieve this timeless look is with the right accessories, such as a bow tie. Bow ties will make a man more 

distinguished and add confidence and refinement, you can have no doubt about that.
   It is easy to find a good bow tie offer because the variety online is very vast. You will be surprised to see how quick and easy it is to find a good bow tie price that is comfortable for you and that will get you a fine quality bow tie. There are so many models of neckwear you will not believe it, so you have a lot to choose from.
   A man should have a few bow ties in his closet that he can use for different sorts of occasions. At least one bow tie should be available for a formal tuxedo and maybe two or three should match with casual attires that can be worn in the city, both during the day and night.
   It is an investment worth making because this is something that will give a lasting impression. Deep down every woman wants a fashionable man standing next to her, while other men want friends who are confident in themselves and dress like it. So consider what you put on in the morning because it will eventually affect your day to day life whether you like it or not.
   Some ties or black ties are more fashionable and versatile than others and you should know that. That is the reality even if you choose to ignore it, but the best thing to do is dress with clothes that both represent and elevate you in other people’s eyes. It can be a life-changer, try it and you’ll see.

Choose a black tie for a formal event

   Do you want to be the most dashing and stylish man at the party tonight? If that is your goal then you should definitely try a black tie. A man’s neckwear is more important than you may think. A shiny silk black tie will attract other people’s attention towards you and you will be very admired for your choice. Of course it is not enough to just put on a tie no matter what that may look like.
   It is important to choose ties that are of a very good quality because that will be noticeable to everyone around you and you should not underestimate anyone, just be safe and invest because it will only bring positive responses. You can easily find a ties offer if you think you cannot afford a tie that can be worn with a tuxedo. Formal events require a certain attire that is not always cheap, but you do not have to spend so much in order to look presentable and stylish.
   Men’s fashion has expanded very much in the last century and there are many options for anyone looking to build a generous wardrobe. A black tie is not only a safe decision but it is also very pleasant, attractive and appreciated by everyone. Not everybody likes a bow tie or a cravat, but a tie is pretty neutral, manly and will perfectly complete your outfit.
   Black is a strong color that will highlight how serious and mature you are but also that you know how to dress and possess good taste. A black tie is never a bad choice and often times it is the best choice you can make. Silk or satin is a great material to opt for, especially when the color of the neckwear happens to be black, and you should not settle for anything that is plastic, not only out of respect for yourself but also because those around you will notice right away the low quality of your tie of choice.
   It should not be too much for any man to invest in a few good ties, both for formal and casual attires. So make some time for yourself and build your wardrobe to better yourself as a man who is stylish, refined and has a very good idea about who he is and what he wants to display.

How to choose between a bow tie and a black tie

   Men’s neckwear is not a subject that should be overlooked by those who care about the person they display to others. As a man, you have quite a few options. Regarding neckwear, you can choose from bow ties, ties, cravats and scarves.
   The neckwear we meet with the most when it comes to formal attires are bow ties and neck ties. But how do you know which to pick and what model? It is an art to open the door to your closet every morning and just know what will make you look g

ood. It is a blessing to know that you have what you need in order to build the outfit you want. But in order to acquire the necessary elements of your wardrobe you must know what to look for.
   Every respectable man should own proper neckwear, meaning ties and bow ties. You should purchase these ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry right before an event or get used to not caring about your accessories. 

Do not become comfortable with just one item that you keep reusing because that is not at all attractive.

   For a so-called black tie event, basically any formal evening occasion, as the name suggests, a black tie is more than appropriate, but you can also choose a bow tie, especially if it is a happy and festive occasion, like a wedding or a red carpet event. This choice also depends on your tuxedo.
   For example if your suit consists of a vest then you should go for the tie, but if it has a sash then you should definitely wear a bow tie. Try different looks and see what works best for you as a person, for the event and for the venue. If you are unsure then ask the opinion of a professional, read some articles or take a friend shopping who is known for always dressing impeccably.
   Do not think that you are alone in this journey, if you have yet to find your look, because there are many things you can do to help yourself and become exactly the type of man you want to project to others. It is more simple than you think and there is no reason to panic if you are presently at a loss. The important thing is to have the will to learn and persevere because it does matter.