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New Trends in Men’s Fashion

You don't need a lot of money to be a stylish man. When you wear accessories such as cufflinks, cravats or bow ties you just show that you know what to choose, but these are not obligatorily a sign of wealth. There are many solutions for those who want to change their look and make a shift from a boring personal style. A very important quality of stylish men is confidence. They feel good about their own person, they are not afraid to try something new and show to their friends that there is something beautiful in every change.

When you buy a new suit, it's very important to feel comfortable wearing it. You cannot wear something that you don't like, but you can wear new clothes if you see the potential of novelty in them. Do not be afraid to experiment and to wear a cravat, for example. So, first of all, it's very important to buy new clothes that fit your personality.

The clothes you choose must be well fitted. Irrespective of their price or material they are made of, the new clothes you buy must be the right size for you. It doesn't matter how much you like them, it's very important that these clothes be the right size for you.

Be careful to match the colours of your trousers and shirt, together with the coat you choose. Consult other people, maybe your tailor, about those clothes and accessories you are not sure about. If some are too loose, you can call tour tailor and make some adjustments to some parts in order to obtain the right size for you. It's not a shameful thing to have less clothes in your wardrobe. In fact, it is better to have fewer ties which are high-quality items. Always look to invest in less cothes, but which are good quality clothes. You can find them in outlets for discounts of at least 50% of their original price.

Too many colours and layers are not beneficial to your personal style. Try to be simple on all occasions and choose those colours that highlight your physical qualities and match your personality. Too many vivid colours, for example, make a man look less formal and unattractive in many situations. If you are smart when you invest in your clothes, you will see the benefits later, for many years to come.

Every man should remember that style is not obligatorily a well-known brand which is also very expensive. You can find elegant ties or cufflinks made of quality materials, for a good price. The smart choices you make in terms of fashion will reward you later. The clothes a man has in his wardrobe should reflect both his lifestyle and personality. One cannot say for sure what the trend will be, as it is a dynamic process influenced by many factors every year.

We expect the return of the tuxedo this year or in the near future. Inspired by the formal clothing of the 20th century, the tuxedo is a very good choice for all the special occasions you don’t want to miss. Black and white will always be elegant colours, showing simplicity and self-confidence.

“Athleisure”, a new trend in men’s fashion

A very interesting new style in men’s clothing is known as “athleisure”. It was inspired both by athletics and leisure, combining elements from both types of outfits. Fabrics which are more characteristic to sports apparel are combined with more traditional ones, creating a fresh and brand new look which can be seen in many large cities around the globe. All the important manufacturers are oriented towards producing this type of clothes. It is a major shift from what we have seen in recent years.

Some say that “athleisure” is a new form of casual outfit. Such clothes incorporate synthetic materials that are apropriate to wear when you ride a bike to work or when you go to fitness classes right after the office hours. Versatility is a very important quality of this style of clothes. They are also durable and not so expensive like casual or formal clothes. Experts in this field agree that this new style is here to stay and will be used for many years to come.

If you wear such athletic clothes, people will not be disturbed by the new look you try because it is appropriate for many social circumstances and gives you the necessary flexibility in every day activities. “Athleisure” is a strong movement in fashion and became emblematic for the business environment where people do not feel the need to have a classic approach when it comes to their outfits.

Menswear is not only for men anymore. Men’s style blended with women’s style and their clothing became a combination of elements from both genders. We see that more and more men embrace their feminine side. They want to try new things, to have a new approach to fashion and, in return, women’s clothing is inspired by men’s fashion. There are more and more unisex lines from the greatest manufacturers on the market.

It’s hard to say where things will stop or what the limit is that fashion will reach. Men’s slim fits are very appreciated now. Their pants, suits and shirts become slimmer and more feminine. Another important part of men’s fashion regards their jewelry. Not only women want to catch the other’s eyes on the street now. Men started to wear necklaces or pendants that were not considered just a few years ago.

Another significant trend in men’s fashion is the retro sportswear which comes to many people’s attention nowadays. Sportswear has made a comeback in men’s preferences over the last seasons and is here to stay for good (at least, we think that). Sportstwear is made giving attention to details and high-quality materials.

Stripes and checks are also among the favourite models in men’s fashion. If you are passionate about fashion presentations, you will see vertical stripes on many of the biggest runways. Tailoring or T-shirts (if we pick just two examples) are just two of the best examples in which vertical stripes go very well on a man’s outfit.

Vertical stripes give a high versatility to a man’s clothes. You can wear multi-coloured stripes on a T-shirt, combined with a blazer. This type of stripes can be appropriate for many outfits, at work or when you go out with your friends for a wonderful night in the city.